Email Marketing That Keeps Your Clients and Potential Customers Up To Date

  • Newsletters designed to increase your customer click-through rates
  • Forms that entice your customer to sign up for e-news
  • Subject lines that incite higher open rates

Email marketing can drive new sales, up-sell current clients, drive more traffic to your website, track website with web analytics, track ROI, improve bottom line and promote your business. It blows other marketing revenues out of the water.

Email is a powerful tool to promote your products and services online, because of spam; one has to be wary on sending commercial email to people on a regular basis.

Three Rules:

  • Get permission to send an e-mail. (Directly or implied): for example, you're in a conversation with someone and they say, sure send me more information about your services or products and here is my name and email address.
  • Identify yourself as the sender. For example: What company your represent, make sure you include your address and phone numbers. 
  • Give an opt-out or unsubscribe option (normally have this at the top or at the end of your message). At the end of the day - don't be a spammer.

Four easy steps: Step 1: Build a quality database. For example: Use a double opt-in option with your subscription. Step 2: Create timely messages Step 3: Segment your database on what your online visitor are interested in. For example: they click on several pairs of men's shoes, those normally only sports enthusiast would purchase. The person places on order for your shoes and confirmed they wanted promotional information. Now you can email a promotion. Step 4: Send timely messages

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